Choosing Ferry To Batam


changi-terminalSingapore is the most happening and always ‘on the tip of everything’ city of Asia. The city is the one of the most prolific financial centres of the world, and it can also be deemed as the economical capital of Asia and the Asean countries. The city has loads to offer to you if you ever visit it; but one of the things that you have to look out for are the ferry rides.

Yes, there are many people and tourists in Singapore who exclusively visit the country to take the ferry rides of the nation. The ferry rides from Singapore can take you towards many destinations in the Asean regions. And, hence the service is all the time deemed as the one most helping and convenient modes of transport in and out of the nation.

Singapore is of course filled with many ferry stations, such as the Changi Ferry Terminal and the all famous Harbour Front Ferry Terminal. Both the stations are well equipped to launch ferries to all destinations. So, let us take a look at why people opt for the ferry service in the first place, by taking a look at the reasons why the service is so popular. Here we go;

The convenience:

Whenever you want to hop from one nation to another, you always think of the long queues, big immigration lines, hassle and an unpleasant journey. However, if you are in Singapore, or if you are travelling to Singapore, and if you want to head across to Malaysia or Indonesia, then it’s always better to opt for the ferry service. There are several ferry service operators in city, and all of them are doing a wonderful job by transporting people effortlessness from and to Singapore from various different places.

The ferry are quite convenient is nature because of the immaculate and on time service that they give. But, they are also quite famous because the red tape involved with them is quite less then what a person has to endure at an airport or at a road block. Of course, passport and visa checks are mandatory, but when there are only 12 co-passengers (the limit for the ferries), then everything becomes easier.

The quickness of the service:


The most important and easy aspect of the ferry service is its ability to go as a crow. The ferries can easily make up for their slower pace (slower than aeroplanes of course) but going like a crow. For example, it takes only few moments to cross over ferry to batam in Indonesia. So, that’s why it is believed that singapore ferry is always convenient, safer, smarter and on time option than any other mode of transport from the city.

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Have you visited Batam Island?

Batam is an island in Singapore which is a must visit for every tourist. The time taken to reach Batam from Singapore is 45 minutes if one goes in ferry. Batam is Indonesia’s special economic zone – a place where the economic planners of the nation test new ideas and policies related to economy of the country.

This island is known for the industrial hub. Ship repairing industries and electronic factories cover a large sector of the industrial center but the major portion of the island is a sector for the oil reserves.

Renowned experts do work there and the golf courses along with the pubs have been constructed for serving them. One of the main attractions of this particular industrial hub is the ferry rides which can be seen and enjoyed all throughout the day. It is a must try for the tourists.

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